Spin Your Way to Mastery

Join Michela Hoops, an acclaimed hula hoop artist, on a fun-filled journey to master the art of hula hooping. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced hooper ready to add flair to your routines, this course is designed to enhance your skills and confidence with every spin.

Meet Michela

Why This Course?

Expert Instruction
Learn from Michela, whose passion and expertise in hula hooping have captivated audiences worldwide.

Comprehensive Skill Development
Gain proficiency in a wide range of techniques from the fundamentals to advanced tricks.

Flexible Learning Experience
Access the course materials at any time, from any place, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

Course Highlights

Detailed Video Tutorials
Engage with high-quality videos that guide you through each technique with clarity and detail.

Interactive Challenges
Put your skills to the test with fun and engaging challenges that encourage progress and mastery.

Supportive Online Community
Join an enthusiastic community of fellow hula hoopers who support and inspire each other throughout their learning journeys.

"Michela is a very talented performer and shares her skills with much enthusiasm and patience. The Hoop classes are brilliant, she brings so much enjoyment and energy to each one and I always leave feeling lifted, with a big smile on my face and having learned many new tricks. I have developed greatly over the last year through the classes and workshops, I am totally hooked on hooping now!

Thank you, Michela! x"

Who Is This Course For?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in exploring the vibrant world of hula hooping. No previous experience is required—just a willingness to learn, practice, and have lots of fun!

Ready to Transform Your Hoop Skills?

Enrol now and start your adventure in hula hooping with Michela Hoops. Prepare to dazzle yourself and others as you twirl towards becoming a hoop master. The hoop is your stage, and it's time to shine!


If I have any questions, am I able to contact the course leader directly whilst working through the modules?

You will not have direct contact with the course leader, however, any questions can be sent to our dedicated email address: [email protected]

How long will the course take to complete?
You can work through this course as quickly or as slowly as you want to, we recommend that you leave at least 24 hours between watching each video to give yourself time to reflect. We suggest that you complete any PDF’s attached to a module before moving onto the next.

Where can I find out more about Michela? 

Michela Hoops | Facebook

Will I get a certificate (recognition) for completing this course?

There will be 1 final PDF attached to the end of your course which you can download and pop your name on. However, this is not an accredited course. 

Is this course appropriate for all levels?

This course is aimed at those who have never done hula hooping before or those with limited experience.

"Michela is a fantastic teacher, very patient. We didn’t realise just what you can do with a hoop. The classes are great fun and an hr never seems long enough. The added bonus is the exercise you get while enjoying yourself. Go along you won't regret it."