Join Kat Clark, a seasoned professional in the circus arts, for a transformative journey into act creation.

Whether you’re an aspiring performer or looking to refine your skills, this course offers you a unique opportunity to design and perform your own circus act under expert guidance.

Meet Kat Clark

Why This Course?

Expert Guidance

Learn from Kat Clark, whose years of performance and choreography experience will provide you with the insights and skills needed to shine in the spotlight.

Act Development

Engage deeply with the creative process through hands-on exercises that will help turn your vision into a breathtaking performance.

Flexible Learning Environment

Access course materials anytime, from anywhere, and move at your own pace. Perfect for fitting around your busy lifestyle.

Course Features

Comprehensive Video Lessons
Engage with detailed tutorials and demonstrations that cover everything from theme selection to the nuances of performance art.

Interactive Assignments
Apply what you’ve learned in practical exercises designed to challenge and refine your skills.

Supportive Community
Join a vibrant community of fellow artists who support and inspire each other throughout the learning process.

Invest in Your Circus Future

This course is ideal for anyone with a passion for performance, from beginners eager to explore to seasoned artists looking to innovate. If you dream of captivating an audience with a performance that’s uniquely yours, this course will guide you every step of the way.

Ready to Shine?

Enrol now and start your journey to becoming a standout performer with your own custom-created act. Let the principles taught by Kat Clark guide you through your creative process. Your stage awaits!